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Humility, Self Respect, Curiosity, Logic, and Humor.


Howdy! AsSalaaam-u-Alaykum! Namaste! Hola! Shalom! … I wish you peace and happiness.

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Sketch Recognition: Sketch Recognition – Study and Research

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About Me

I am interested in a lot of things and always willing to learn and improve. I work as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon in Seattle, Washington. My hometown is Srinagar in the Kashmir valley. I am an Aggie, and I am always thankful to Texas A&M University and Aggieland for all the good memories and making me a better person. I am also in gratitude of many people who have helped me in tough times and taught me many life lessons.

I have been in love with football/soccer since a friend explained to me the tiki-taka / total football philosophy practiced by Barca. I root for Arsenal FC, FC Barcelona, and Inter Milan. Love other sports as well, especially table tennis.

Math, Computer Science, and Puzzles … What joy they can bring to the mind as you battle with tough problems and find elegant solutions!

I hope that I add many posts which document my thoughts and experiences, and may well delight or help some or many people 🙂


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